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Servicing the electronics market worldwide

About Us

Supply Chain Partner

Founded in 2013, RedRing Electronics supports and services the global electronic components market. We provide a superior service model that integrates a sense of urgency, attention to detail, quality control, industry experience and integrity for electronic shortages, cost savings and obsolescence requirements.

RedRing is an approved supplier for hundreds of multinationals including several Fortune 500 companies.

Electronic Components

We support shortages, obsolesence and cost savings requirements.

Semiconductors - Connectors - Passives

From integrated circuits to capacitors - we can support all of your electronic component needs.

Quality Control

Strict measures in place to ensure quality from the source - with 3rd party lab test capability - Proper MSL packaging - ESD handling.

Customer Service

NET terms - on time delivery - full transparency

New & Original Guaranteed.


Brands We Support

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*Disclaimer* RedRing is not a franchised distributor for the above manufacturers. 

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